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Career and College Guidance at the German School Washington

Your contacts:


Klara Fabina, M. Ed. ;

Director of Guidance Counseling (focal point studies in the USA).
To learn more about studying in the U.S. please visit Klara Fabina's page at: CAMPUS LIFE > Counseling > Counselor Grades 5-12


Doris Fricke; 

Career and College Counselor (focal point studies in Germany)


The German International School Washington D.C. regards the preparation of its students for life after school as an elementary part of its educational mandate. The school supports students on their path to university and a career. For this, students examine their strengths and weaknesses with respect to careers and college. In particular if they are considering whether their future will lie in Germany or the USA, we can assist our students by informing them about the many possibilities and help them take the necessary steps toward a successful start to their life after school.

For more information about our varied offerings, please view the “Concept of College Guidance” below.

Concept of College Guidance
Internship in grade 10

Important Documents for the internship:
> Letter to Parents
> Letter to companies

If you have any questions regarding the internship, please contact Ms. Fricke at

Facebook Group for Grades 10-12

Dear students in grades 10-12,

The school receives a lot of information about universities, scholarships and internships digitally. In order to be able to forward this information to you efficiently, we - the College and Career Planning and the Student Council - would like to meet in the

Facebook group “Deutsche Schule Washington Oberstufe.”

Naturally participation is voluntary, but it offers many advantages:

• Access to all important information on the topics of college and career

• Access to all important information on the topics of high school and Abitur

• Access to all of the Student Council’s important information

• Contact with other students in grades 10-12

• After the Abitur: Access to the alumni group of the DSW, that is, even when your school days are over, you will belong to the DSW community and we will not lose sight of you!

So: Search for the group on Facebook

“Deutsche Schule Washington Oberstufe”

And join!

(To do this, just enter “Deutsche Schule Washington Oberstufe” in the search field at the top.

Do not confuse with other groups of the DSW!)

Hardy Hinrichs, College and Career Planning


Self-evaluations: - Overview of the suitability tests and checklists - Hohenheimer Online Test -(see under “Students”) - “Selection of a career for HS and university students”


Career training: - PROFESSION SELECTION TEST - Information from the German Federal Employment Agency - Internet platform of the German Federal Employment Agency Job search, training programs, university studies, application


German Federal Employment Agency, publications:

www.abi .de - Career selection magazine - The portal for career and continuing education - Career information about more than 6300 careers in Germany

www.jobbö - Job and application exchange of the German Federal Employment Agency - Media about participation in working life - Everything you want to know about training - The self-evaluation program - Film portal of the German Federal Employment Agency



Information about Courses of Study

General information about possibilities for university studies in Germany: - Index of all courses of study and institutions of higher education in Germany. Operated by the Hochschulrektorenkonferenz [association of university presidents] Information about German universities, their offerings, contact people, and international cooperation agreements - Detailed information about all courses of study at German universities - (Info on the page of the DAAD) - (Info, scholarships, student exchanges) - (Search engine about courses of study and universities) - Internet portal of the ZVS (Zentralstelle für die Vergabe von Studienplätzen)[Central Agency for the Awarding of University Admissions]

ZVS - APPLICATION, SELECTION PROCESS AND RESULTS FOR AWARDING OF ADMISSION TO UNIVERSITIES IN THE FIELDS OF BIOLOGY (DIPL.), MEDICINE, PHARMACY, PSYCHOLOGY (DIPL.), VETERINARY MEDICINE AND DENTAL MEDICINE - Internet platform of the German Federal Employment Agency: Job search, training programs, university studies, application   - Portal of the Deutsche Welle;


Deutsche Welle: Studying in Germany

German universities that have visited the DSW:

List of the universities that have visited us at the DSW.

Application: - Work and service point for international student applications - Online portal of the Handelsblatt - Online portal of the FAZ - Der Arbeitskreis Personalmarketing (dapm) [Working Group for Personnel Marketing]

Foreign student applicants: - Information for international students in Germany (Deutsches Studentenwerk) - Special information for international students in Germany - Information and tips for international students

Information about the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System):

ECTS is a system that is recognized across Europe for the calculation, transfer, and accumulation of student courses and other achievements.

Glossary on the topic of “studies”: - Explanation of German terms such as A as in “Assi” to Z as in “Zwischenprüfung.”

The German educational system:

Dual courses of study in Germany

Careers with a Bachelor's degree

Newsletter about selection of courses of study and professions (new editions appear on a regular basis)



University rankings:" target="_blank" > - Ranking of the Centrums für Hochschulentwicklung (CHE) [Center for University Development] - Ranking of the Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (CHE) [Center for University Development] - Ranking created by students

"University universe”:



Financial support of university studies


Info about the economic and social support of students


Help with financing of studies via scholarships:


Contact person for scholarships:

TU9 DANA Deutsche Schulen – Netzwerk für Absolventen (Service für Deutsche Schulen im Ausland)[Network for HS graduates (service for German schools abroad)]

Contact person: Julija Baftiri

Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Str. 2

D-10178 Berlin


Telephone: +49/(0)30/2787476-85

Fax: +49/(0)30/2787476-88

E-mail :


Accredited Online Colleges


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