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9B: Carwash

8:15 am. June 8th, 2016. German School Washington: Upper Parking Lot

The sun shines down on numerous dirty cars screaming for a wash. Long water hoses are rolled out. Sponges and cleaning cloths are put out.

And then.

The 12 students of the class 9B walk onto the upper bus parking lot of the DSW dressed in red and orange T – Shirts and armed with water buckets. Parents, teachers and friends of the students are eagerly waiting to be assigned a spot in the car wash by one of the hardworking workers. Clients can choose between two different costefficient options, the Exterior or the Interior and Exterior clean. A few hours have passed and the sun is at its peak, but even 80° in the shade can’tstop thesecapable workers. Never tiring they clean wheel caps, scrub windows, vacuum interiors. Gallons of water flow form the cleaned cars onto the parking lot and slowly make their way down the ever-extending row of customers. Loud summer music cranks up the good mood of all participants, until the sky darkens with slowly approaching rainclouds. The inevitable commences: rain. As fast as possible, the students carry vacuum cleaners, backpacks, and the stereo that was spreading good mood just minutes ago into the school building which thankfully is only a few feet away. But even that can’t scare the diligent teenagers. As soon as the rain is over, they are back to scrubbing, wiping and cleaning.

It’s 2:30pm. All Sign-Ups and Show- Ups are cleaned. Tired but happy about the work that was done, the students start to count the money. The excitement is big! Hopes and expectations have been exceeded immensely. 802 Dollars are in the orange shoebox that functioned as the cash register for the day. The excitement and surprise about this ginormous success is clearly to be seen in every face.

The students of the class 9B are still in awe about how much money they made through their car wash. This wouldn’t have been possible without the numerous participants. That is why the 12 Boys and Girls would like to thank you for your participation!

Ellinor W. for the Class 9B


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