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GRIFFIN at the Elementary School

The elementary school recently adjusted the ‘FROG’-value system to the ‘GREIF’ value system, in order to integrate the school mascot in everyday school life.

The griffin mascot represents our entire school, and at the same time it helps the students remember values that are important to our elementary school. Much like the FROG did, the letters of the GREIF stand for group-oriented, respectful, empathic, interested, and friendly.


We value social learning just as much as academic learning and we hope to educate our students to be mindful of others, to respect everyone's thoughts and feelings, to understand another person’s perspective, to dedicate themselves to education, and to always act with kindness and consideration. Our students are excited to earn "GREIF" tokens for displaying these qualities in school. Our Griffin visited them in person to let them know about this change!

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