Plan B

Due to weather conditions, the German International School Washington D.C. is running on Plan B .

  • The first two class periods are cancelled.
  • Classes begin at 9:55 am.
  • Morning bus pick-up times as well as a few bus stop locations are different today. Please refer to the Plan B bus route.
  • The afternoon buses leave the school at their regular times at 3:20 pm and 4:55 pm, however today they follow the Plan B bus route.
  • Extended Care will take place at the regularly scheduled time.
  • Evening classes and events take place as scheduled.
  • The lunch menu of the cafeteria may change for the remainder of this week. You will see the current menu on our website once school reopens.

Wetterbedingt gilt an der German International School Washington D.C. Plan B.

  • Die ersten beiden Unterrichtsstunden entfallen.
  • Der Unterricht beginnt um 9.55 Uhr.
  • Die morgendlichen Busfahrzeiten sowie manche Bushaltestellen sind heute anders. Beachten Sie bitte die Plan B-Busroute.
  • Die Schulbusse verlassen wie gewöhnlich nachmittags um 15.20 Uhr und um 16.55 Uhr die Schule, folgen aber heute der Plan B-Busroute.
  • Die Spätbetreuung findet zur normalen Zeit statt.
  • Abendkurse und Veranstaltungen finden planmäßig statt.
  • Bei unvorhergesehenem Unterrichtsausfall ändert sich meistens der Speiseplan der Cafeteria für den Rest der Woche. Den aktuellen Speiseplan finden Sie auf unserer Website, wenn die Schule wieder geöffnet ist.

Hugo-and-Herta-Müller Scholarship

Dear Parents, dear School Community at large,

We are very pleased to inform you that the German School will once again, in connection with the Hugo-and-Herta-Müller Foundation, award two scholarships for the upcoming school year. The trustees agreed to grant the scholarships for a five-year term, starting in fifth and ending in ninth grade.

In agreement with the spirit of the foundation—the advancement of the German language and culture—the scholarship will be awarded to students of families where at least one parent/guardian is not a native German speaker. Students will be selected from the present 4th graders who are transitioning to the Upper School.

The scholarship will automatically extend to grade 9 and will not have to be renewed every school year. The amount of the scholarship award will be equal to 60 % of tuition, as adjusted from year to year. Students whose parents or guardians receive any school support payments from their employers or other sources are not eligible.

The scholarship applicants must show a 2.5 grade point average and demonstrate a better than 3.0 grade point in German language instruction. The scholarship will be withdrawn if the recipient’s grades fall below these averages or in the event that she or he violates the spirit and intentions of the foundation.

By March 11, 2016, parents or guardians of students who qualify are asked to follow these instructions (please click here) for submitting their form VIA EMAIL to  Scholarships will be awarded by a jury by April 14, 2016. All applicants will be notified in a timely manner.

The jury of five members will take extraordinary care to evaluate and assess all applications to ensure that the process is fair and just and will lead to an undisputed outcome.

In the event that the scholarship recipient no longer attends the German School, she/he forfeits the scholarship.

Best wishes,

P. Palenzatis, OStD’         
Head of School 

 S. Molineus   
Chair of the Board of Directors

I. Wrausmann
Coordinator for English

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