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NEWBEES are looking for Partner-Families!

Dear Parents,

We would like to introduce the “NEWBEES” and ask for your help and participation at the same time!

Who are the NEWBEES?

We are an organization whose goals are to ease the start of new families and the integration of new students at the DSW. Also, the NEWBEES are available for families who are interested in the DSW to answer their questions in regard to  school life.

We were reestablished recently, in 2016, within the Parents’ Council (SEBR), and work closely with the school administration and the Head of School of the DSW. The NEWBEES are managed by a group of committed parents of students at the DSW. Please check us out here on this website!

What do the NEWBEES do?

  • We try to answer the many questions of new families at our school.
  • We participate in school events especially at the beginning of the school year (e.g. Back-to-School Night, Breakfast for the 1st graders, etc.)
  • We work with the SMV (student council) to establish a “Buddy-System” for new students.
  • We organize NEWBEES Breakfasts, where new families can meet other new and long-term members of our school community.
  • Upon the request by new families, we will connect them with “Partner-Families”.

Who are “Partner-Families”?

“Partner-Families” are families at our school who volunteer to help new families to settle in.The NEWBEES need the help of a network of “Partner Families”. We need YOUR help!

How do “Partner Families” help?

Upon request, the NEWBEES will bring a new family in contact with a “Partner  Family”. The “Partner Family” assists the new family by answering the many questions regarding school life.

Some frequently asked questions asked by families:

  • Where do the other students/families at the DSW live?
  • Is there a “Buddy-System” in place for new students at the DSW?
  • How can we integrate into the American life and culture, when we are at the German School?
  • Can we contact other students or parents before the beginning of the new school year?
  • What about the parents who do not speak German at home? What has been their experience?
  • What kind of sports program does the school offer? Where could we sign up our kids for different sports or other extracurricular activities?

The “Partner Family” may also help in word and/or deed – it is up to you, the “Partner Family”, to decide how much and in what way, shape and form you want to help. You might be the first social contact at the DSW!

How do you become a “Partner-Family”?

If you decide to become a “Partner Family”, we kindly ask you to fill out this questionnaire. The questionnaire will help us match you with a new family – we mainly focus on the age of the children, the address and the preferred language. Please help us by signing up before the end of the current school year, so we can accommodate the new families joining our school community this summer!

If you have any questions, please contact us:

We are looking forward to your support!

Warm regards,


Cordi Everett
Susanne Thanner-Lindlbauer
Kristin Gonzalez
Bahar Riahipour-Mantl
Christine Jäger

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