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SEL through 4th grade: Halloween

Dear Parents:

On Monday, October 31, 2016, our students of the Elementary School (School Entry Level through grade 4) will celebrate Halloween.

As is tradition, we celebrate in costume.  Please remember the following:

The SEL classes will arrive at school already in costumes.  After the celebration and the following lunch, they will change into regular clothes.

Students of 1st-4th grade will bring their costumes to school in the morning and will change into those after recess and breakfast. Just like the SEL students, grades 1 through 4 will change into regular clothes after lunch.

Please make sure that your children leave any accessories like face-covering masks and any kind of toy weapon, such as pistols, rifles and knives at home.

Our Halloween Parade will lead us through the main building. We will also watch a Mad Science Show in the auditorium and will go trick-or-treating at the office of the Head of School, Ms. Palenzatis.

We are looking forward to many fun costumes.

Your SEL Team


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