Plan B

Due to weather conditions, the German International School Washington D.C. is running on Plan B .

  • The first two class periods are cancelled.
  • Classes begin at 9:55 am.
  • Morning bus pick-up times as well as a few bus stop locations are different today. Please refer to the Plan B bus route.
  • The afternoon buses leave the school at their regular times at 3:20 pm and 4:55 pm, however today they follow the Plan B bus route.
  • Extended Care will take place at the regularly scheduled time.
  • Evening classes and events take place as scheduled.
  • The lunch menu of the cafeteria may change for the remainder of this week. You will see the current menu on our website once school reopens.

Wetterbedingt gilt an der German International School Washington D.C. Plan B.

  • Die ersten beiden Unterrichtsstunden entfallen.
  • Der Unterricht beginnt um 9.55 Uhr.
  • Die morgendlichen Busfahrzeiten sowie manche Bushaltestellen sind heute anders. Beachten Sie bitte die Plan B-Busroute.
  • Die Schulbusse verlassen wie gewöhnlich nachmittags um 15.20 Uhr und um 16.55 Uhr die Schule, folgen aber heute der Plan B-Busroute.
  • Die Spätbetreuung findet zur normalen Zeit statt.
  • Abendkurse und Veranstaltungen finden planmäßig statt.
  • Bei unvorhergesehenem Unterrichtsausfall ändert sich meistens der Speiseplan der Cafeteria für den Rest der Woche. Den aktuellen Speiseplan finden Sie auf unserer Website, wenn die Schule wieder geöffnet ist.

SMV Gift Drive 2017 – Information

As in previous years, the SMV is preparing to participate in the 2017 Gift Drive in cooperation with the YMCA Youth and Family Services at JoAnne Leleck Elementary School at Broad Acres in Silver Spring, MD. The YMCA facility is located next to the school and supports needy children and their families. The German International School SMV has been participating in the Christmas Gift Drive for 11 years now. Throughout the school year, students in grades 5-12 organize fundraisers with the goal of raising about $150 per classroom which they will then use to buy presents for the children. Each year the YMCA provides us with the children’s wish lists to help us select presents, which are often lovingly wrapped. The lower classes will probably need some help from their parents to put this all together. For many children these will be the only presents they will receive this Christmas. Usually they will be asking for toys or dearly needed clothing, especially shoes and winter boots. Some of the older children will ask for gift cards; in these cases the YMCA makes sure that the teenagers will have a chance to actually use the cards. Please do not to send any cash. If your class should raise too much money, you are welcome to add a gift card for a grocery store.

A big Thank You! goes out to all teachers, parents and parent representatives for their support!

As soon as we have received the wish lists, we will deliver them to each class room, and we would like to ask the students or the parent representatives to get and wrap the gifts on their class’s list. Please contact Ms. Vorwerk ( ) or Mr. Jessen-Klingenberg ( ) if you have questions or need assistance. Please be sure to drop off the presents at Ms. Fabina’s office by December 4th.

On December 11th, the SMV will have the opportunity to get to know the YMCA’s community center and its staff, as well as deliver the presents directly to the families while their children are in school. All SMV members are invited to come along. Hot chocolate and cookies will be provided.


Isabella Sheldon                                              Yasmin Haddad

Student Body President                                  Deputy Student Body President

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