Covid-19 Response - School Year 2022/23

> Covid Policy (as of February 10, 2023)

Due to the last CDC changes, the Covid-19 Response Team has decided to meet only on an as-needed basis beginning January 1, 2023. Beginning in January, please direct all Covid-19 questions as you would any other health questions to

Please be sure to continue to inform the health room of Covid cases in your household. Starting in the new year we will no longer be sending positive case counts for students and employees weekly with the Wednesday Mail, but we will continue to record them to monitor the overall health of our school community. After the break, the chart of positive student and staff case numbers will be made available online at CAMPUS LIFE > General > Health Room.

When Covid cases occur among students, we will continue to notify the affected grade level via email.


The Covid-19 Response Team:

We would like to introduce the current members of our Covid-19 Response Team. The team is like an adaptive vessel, i.e. depending on the requirements and circumstances the composition may change and remains flexible. Currently, the members of the Covid-19 Response Team are:

Medical Advisors: Mohamed Nasri, Anna E. Ordóñez, M.D., M.A.S.

Coordination & Implementation during the school day: Staff members of our GISW Health Room - Regina Lambeck, M.D. and Kim Varner, BSN-RN

Pedagogical Aspects: Head of School, Carsten Apsel

Preschool Matters: Preschool Principal, Mojdeh Khojasteh

School Management: Head of School, Carsten Apsel and Business Director, George Deeley

For the Personnel Committee: Board Member, Caroline Ziser Smith

Communication: Communications Director, Beate Mahious

The group is chaired by our Chair of the Board, Dennis Fehr. The team has been formed for the well-being of our students, families and employees. We welcome your feedback at