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Invitation to the First Day of First Grade

Dear First Grade Parents and Legal Guardians!

The day has arrived, and on August 24th your child will start Elementary School! This is a very special day, and we would like to honor and celebrate this milestone even if the circumstances are unusual.

We would like to invite you and your child to the school campus. We will observe all safety measures. Everyone will be wearing a face mask, the chairs will be set up at least 6 feet apart and children can only use the school’s bathrooms on their own.  We will divide the classes 1A and 1B into four groups. Each group will be officially inducted into school in its own separate ceremony. Following this invitation you will receive an email from Ms. Hardage with the information in which group your child has been placed. Please remember to bring the “Schultüte”, the school cone filled with treats, for this very special day!

Group 1                                9:20-9:55 AM

Group 2                                10:00-10:35 AM

Group 3                                10:40-11:15 AM

Group 4                                11:20-11:55 AM

Group 5 (Zoom)                  12:10 AM-12:45 PM

You will notice that we have a 5th group for families, who cannot or would rather not be present in person at the school’s festivities. For these children and parents, the school induction into 1st grade will take place, with the same celebratory spirit, virtually via Zoom. If you opt for Group 5, kindly inform Ms. Hardage at of this decision by Friday, August 21. You will receive a separate invitation from Ms. Hardage with the login information.

We would like to instruct you, upon arrival at the designated time, to leave the parking lot towards the left side of the Elementary School building and continue towards the garden area behind the Elementary School building. Head towards an area where there will be marked chairs with your name and your child’s name. Please be seated in those chairs. At the end of the ceremony, your teacher will guide the first graders around the school building. The group will make its way back to the parking lot by walking between the two school buildings. In that area between the buildings, we will take a picture of your child with his or her “Schultüte” and the teachers’ presents. After the event, we will create a class photo out of all these individual pictures. We would like to ask parents of the Zoom group, to kindly send a photo of their child to:

I regret to inform you that only 2 family members in addition to your child are invited so that the maximum number of participants will not be exceeded.

We look forward to celebrating this day at school with your children!

Sincere regards,

Britta Scholl

Principal of the Elementary School

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