Ukraine Fundraiser - Bake Sale

Bake Sale - Ukraine Fundraiser

The Bake Sale to support Ukraine was organized by our GISW fifth-graders with the support of their enthusiastic hands-on parents. The entire school community, under the school’s leadership, came together to make this fundraising effort a tremendous success. During the two-hour Bake Sale on March 18 we raised $3,266! The money was donated to the United Help Ukraine (UHU) to purchase the necessary First Aid Kits and other medical supplies for those who defend the peace in Europe. United Help Ukraine is a charitable non-profit organization, founded in 2014 after the first Russian attack on Ukraine. It is entirely volunteer-based charity and is currently focusing on procuring medical supplies, hospital equipment, personal protective, medical, and survival equipment to the Ukrainians, as well as hosting rallies and cultural events to bring attention to Ukraine’s struggle for freedom.

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