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We would like to share these important organizational policies and information for the 2021/22 school year with you. Here are the most recent announcements to the community:

> January 11, 2022: Wichtige Differenzierung der Quarantäneregeln / Important Adjustments to Quarantine Guidelines

> January 7, 2022: Angepasste COVID-19-Maßnahmen / Adjusted COVID-19-Maßnahmen


Continuously updated: List of locations for free Covid tests


Following is a reminder for parents and visitors of GISW's current Covid Policies, as they apply to any meetings or events held on the GISW premises or officially sponsored by GISW at any other location. (In all cases--NO "home tests" will be allowed for now and where required, Covid test results should be turned in to our Health Center’s new Covid email



  1. COVID POSITIVE TEST:  You must stay home and quarantine for 10 days.  You are allowed back to school on 11th day after test result if fever free for 24h, symptoms have improved and with the clearance from a Physician.
  2. CLOSE CONTACT: Defined as being within 6 ft (2m) of a Covid positive person for 15+ minutes during a 24-hour period (i.e., does not have to be 15 minutes straight).
    1. If you are FULLY VACCINATED:

- You have no symptoms: Stay home, get tested 3 days after exposure. If negative, you can come back to school on day 4 but you must wear a mask all the time for 14 days.

– You have symptoms: treat as positive, quarantine for 10 days, come back afterwards if symptoms have improved, no fever for 24h and cleared by a Physician

    1. If you are UNVACCINATED: You must quarantine for 10 days. You have the option to get a COVID test on day 5 after exposure and return to school on day 8 if test is negative



  1. Please do not send students to school if they exhibit any symptoms correlated with COVID 19. These symptoms include Temperature above 100.4F, sore throat, cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, vomiting, severe headache, loss of taste or smell
  2. If a child exhibits any COVID symptoms during a school day, the nurse will call the parent and the child will have to be picked up.  The child can return with a doctor's note or a negative COVID test



  1. Guests must have an APPOINTMENT with staff. Upon arrival at main entrance, they must take their temperature, fill out the check-in sheet, and wait with receptionist to be picked up by an employee.
  2. MASKS MUST BE WARN AT ALL TIMES indoors (children 2 yrs and up; vaccinated and non-vaccinated).
  3. SOCIAL DISTANCING in building of 6 ft.
  4. Use frequent hand sanitizing.



  1. All non-GISW guests at GISW sponsored events must be fully vaccinated (if >12 yrs), provide negative Covid test no older than 3 days from a local lab (no home test), and abide by above mask and social distancing rules. Please also follow event specific guidance.
  2. Food & Drink will be kept to a minimum.  Masks can be briefly removed to eat/drink.
  3. INDOORS masks required at all times (children 2 yrs and up).  OUTDOORS masks REQUIRED by all non-vaccinated and STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for fully vaccinated



  1. Please monitor CDC guidelines on National/International travel.  Domestic Travel During COVID-19 | CDC  and COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination | CDC
  2. For all international travel and national travel to “Covid hot zones”, GISW is requiring individuals to quarantine at home for three days after returning.  They can return to the GISW on the 4th day with a negative Covid test.
  3. One-day exemptions from class will continue to be approved by the homeroom teacher unless the day borders on a school break. Any exemptions from class right before and right after a school break as well as exemptions for more than one day will have to be approved directly by the Head of School ( Due to the COVID situation, approval decisions may have to be made on a case-by-case basis. As for field trips, any day trips in the surrounding area will be able to take place if all safety and health measures will be adhered to. The decision on whether the traditional overnight class trips will be able to take place in the second semester (May) will be made by school management and the Board of Directors (Health and Safety Committee) by the end of January 2022.

GISW implemented mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing for all GISW/GLC staff and GISW students (SEL/Schuleingangsstufe and up) every Thursday.

Testing will be done through Capital Diagnostics Laboratory (CDL) on the GISW premises between 7:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.  This testing will be free of charge to staff and students and is sponsored by the Maryland State Department of Health (MDH).  MDH has vetted CDL and many other local schools have had good experiences with CDL.  

A registration link to CDL can be found below. All staff and students must register with CDL. As a MDH vetted laboratory and per the CDL consent form (in the online registration packet), all data will be held in strictest confidence.  If a student/staff tests positive, the Laboratory will notify the GISW Nurse and the positive individual/individual's parents.  The GISW Nurse will also inform the Head of School (HoS) the Business Director (BD) and the local Health Department.

Should you miss a testing day or choose not to have your child tested in the GISW program, you have the option to get your child tested at any other local pharmacy or laboratory at your own expense. Test results must be scanned and e-mailed to by the following Friday by 12 noon. If you generally plan to have your child tested at a different testing location or if your child has a medical condition requiring consideration, please contact the nurse at For your convenience we provide this list of locations for free Covid tests.

Students and staff, who are not tested/do not provide test results by Friday 12 noon, will not be permitted back on the GISW premises until the nurse receives proof of a negative Covid test (both PCR and Rapid Antigen Tests are acceptable--NO home tests).

This Covid Testing Program is just another part of GISW's layered approach to keeping our school community as safe as possible.

Instructions for parents and staff to sign up at the Capital Diagnostics website:

You only have to register once!

- Please us the link

- Click on Register as New Patient.

- For office location type MDHGISP.

- Please agree to the Registration Disclaimer.

- Sign your name in the signature box.

- On the patient info screen, please enter your child’s name, address, and other information if you are signing up for your child. If you are signing up for yourself, please enter your own name and information.

- Please choose the correct auto-fill option when typing your address.

- For insurance choose the option Maryland K-12 schools at the top of the screen.

- You can leave Note blank.

- Click Submit.

- You will receive an email with a confirmation number. Please bring this number on the day of the first testing!

- After the testing, you will get an email with the link to the results. They will be published as soon as they are available but should be in your inbox no later than Saturday evening.



If the form cannot be submitted, try typing “N/A” in the Notes field and check if your address was chosen from the drop down menu (not just typed in).

If you should have any problems, please contact:

the lab Service Manager Jessica Boatman at 301-498-0340

for help in German: Regina Lambeck at 301-767-3814



  1. Electronically signed health form

  2. Electronically signed waiver

  1. Depending on the grade level of your child please complete the emergency forms for Preschool or SEL through 12 (per child, please complete and submit one of these two forms. Because they must be shared with U.S. medical professionals in the event of an emergency, these two forms are in English ONLY):

> Preschool Emergency Form (two pages)

> SEL through Grade 12: Emergency Form (English only)

Please send to


4. Current negative COVID-19 test result (testing is offered in the cafeteria. Alternatively when you receive your results from a different place, please forward them BEFORE the first day of classes to GISW accepts all types of Covid-Tests.)

For School Entry Level (SEL) and Grades 2 - 12

Monday August 16, 2021, 2:00 – 6:00 PM

Tuesday August 17, 2021, 2:00 -6:00 PM


For Preschool and First Grade

Friday August 20, 2021, 2:00-6:00 PM

Please register here:


Please email if your family wishes to quarantine and our nurse will send you the form to start the quarantine.


Further Information

  •         Our Facilities and Cleaning crew circulate throughout the school day, repeatedly disinfecting all high-touch areas such as door knobs. All classrooms are equipped with disinfectants. There are separate cleaning personnel assigned to the preschool. All buildings are cleaned thoroughly each night.
  •         Air Filtration: The school installed a high standard of HVAC filters and there are air purifiers in all classrooms and throughout school buildings.
  •         School Buses: All seating areas of the school buses are disinfected after each route has been completed.
  •         All cleaning and disinfecting agents meet recommended CDC guidelines. Please note that German Languages Courses, our Saturday school, is not on our campus, allowing us greater opportunity to clean thoroughly over the weekend and minimize access of non-GISW students.

Mental Health Resources

*For mental health emergencies: please call 911
*National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255
*Montgomery County Hotline: 301-738-2255
*Online Chat: Crisis OR texting services are available everyday 12pm-12am: 301-738-2255

*Montgomery County Crisis Center: 1301 Piccard Drive, Rockville MD 240-777-4000.



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