Safety & Secuirty


Drills take place regularly throughout the school year.  Most often staff are notified in advance that a drill will take place, but occasionally drills will not be announced in advance. All of our drills meet Montgomery County safety recommendations.

When a drill takes place there is a respective alarm sound throughout each building.  Students are then directed by their teachers to their safe location. During all drills except the fire drill a school-wide announcement is made by the administration to reinforce the fundamental actions required.  When the drill is ended an announcement is made and students resume their school day.

The following drills are carried out regularly:  Fire Drill, Severe Weather Drill, Intruder Drill and Earthquake Drill.

Things We Have Done to Enhance Security

GISW performs a regular review of its Safety and Security plans and has implemented the following enhancements since 2011:

  • 2011: Installed security cameras at all entrance doors for all buildings
  • 2015: Upgraded to HD security cameras at all entrance doors for all buildings
  • 2016/2017: Installed HD security cameras covering the campus grounds, parking lots and street entrances
  • 2015-2017: Installed Access Control Card Readers at entrance doors for all buildings
  • 2016: Installed a WeatherBug station to monitor local weather
  • 2017: Linked phone system to campus wide paging system
  • Critical phone lines are on generators in the event of a power failure
  • Phone lines are on redundant circuits to eliminate phone line failures
  • 2017: Installed VoIP phones in all main building classrooms for ability to call 911 and room to room 2-way communication
  • Added use of radio system with a dedicated channel for emergencies
  • 2017: Increased relationship with the Montgomery County Police Department
  • Installed School Messenger System to enable emergency communication with families
  • Implemented Bus evacuation drills
  • Established off-site bus shelter in event unable to return to campus
  • 2018: Reviewed Lockdown procedures and installed/reinforced locks
  • 2018: Reviewed procedures for after school building admittance
  • All buildings equipped with motion detector alarm system after hours