Used Books

How to sell your used books:

Changes from the school year 2023/24

Beginning with the 2023/24 school year, all used books will be purchased directly from the bookstore. You will receive payment for your books by check after they have been evaluated and priced by the bookstore.

Books that have been received in previous years will be processed in the next few weeks and a check will be mailed directly to your home address.

Please understand that not every book can be accepted.

Books that will not be used or accepted for the upcoming 2023/24 school year:

Elementary School:

  • All grade 2 books
  • Workbooks in general

Upper School:

  • Deutschbuch Klasse 7
  • Lambacher Schweizer SB, grade 5
  • Lambacher Schweizer AH, grade 5
  • Chemie heute S1
  • Spanisch – Sicher in Grammatik
  • Découvertes Jaune 3, SB
  • Découvertes Jaune 3, AH
  • Découvertes Jaune 3, Grammar
  • Politik erleben
  • Workbooks in general

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