At the end of the last school year 2021/22 (June 20, 2021) the 1st GISW Environment Day for 5th to 10th grade took place, organized by the #Fuf4Future AG with the support of the Student Council (SMV) Environmental Committee and many more.

The day started with a sponsored run where we raised money for our very own "GISW Forest Conservation Easement Project", as well as refugee children from Ukraine ("Unicef USA: Protect the Children of Ukraine"). Thanks to the great performance and motivation of the numerous participants and their generous sponsors, we raised an incredible $ 3093 - MANY, MANY, ... THANKS!!!! The money has already been donated to the two beforementioned organizations.

After the sponsor run, the students continued in teams, each accompanied by a coach from the 11th grade, exploring the many stations with activities, information and games centered around climate change, environmental pollution or destruction. The students were able to playfully deal with important topics such as waste separation, recycling, endangered species, CO2 emissions, ... and at the same time collect points when winning a game. The most points were scored by team 11 & 18! The prize was a tree, which will be planted on the school grounds in honor of both teams.

We want to thank everyone for their participation and great support. We especially want to thank our donors for their generous donations!

Marlene L. & Lena S.

(#Fuf4Future AG)


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