A long election night – not just in the US

On November 3, 2020, election night, our 9th Graders at the GISW were happy to support the 9c at the Laurentianum School in Warendorf, Germany in answering many of their questions regarding the US elections and life in the US in general. The 9th Grade students in Warendorf had covered the US elections as part of their Social Studies curriculum and had organized a long and suspense-filled election night during which they had the projected results live-streaming via CNN Germany and were excited to meet our 9th Graders for a virtual Q&A session.

The video conference across continents was initiated by Mr. Boesenberg, home room and Social Studies teacher, and the Deputy Head of School in Warendorf, Mr. Prigge, and at the GISW by Mr. Löckmann as well as 9a and 9b homeroom teachers Ms. Meuschke and Mr. Bishop, and Ms. Schreiber, their social studies teacher.
Aside from the US elections, the students discussed other topics that were on their mind, like Black Lives Matter and police violence. The students extended the suspense of election night by betting on the winner of the election: the Warendorf students were convinced that Joe Biden would win. Our 9th Graders bet that the election would be too close to call and that the winner would only emerge much later. Everyone agreed that the schools should get back in touch next year, in time for Germany’s parliamentary elections. Thank you to all involved in organizing this exciting event!

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