Abitur Exams on Plan B Days

Dear Twelfth-Graders, dear Parents,

As mentioned during the Informational Event regarding the written Abitur Exams, the plan for an Abitur Exam on a Plan B day (delayed start of classes) is as follows:

All students who are taking an Abitur exam on a Plan B day do their best to come to the GISW safely at 10 am. The start of the exam is somewhat flexible and can be pushed out to 10:30 am. Once all students who are taking the exam that day are present, we focus and start our written exam. In case someone is stuck in traffic or in the snow, please contact the school at 301.767.3800 to let us know that you are on your way.

Looking forward to two exam days - hopefully without snow.

Best regards,

Rainer Tack
Coordinator for Grades 10-12

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