Adventure food - a project to our taste


My class 5b is doing a nutrition project in Ms. Colopy's Nawi class. Despite the small difficulties of e-learning, it is fun and we are making good progress. We have already learned a lot. For example:

Food does not only fill you up, it provides energy, vitamins, building materials and much more. Vitamins help the immune system, are good for the eyes and can be found in carrots and fruit.

Building materials help you grow and build bones, you can find them in milk. Many people think calories are just sugar, wrong! Calories is the old unit of measurement for energy, the new one is called Joule. Consuming too many calories is still bad, but if you exercise a lot, you will stay healthy and not get too fat. Sugar is not only in sweets, it is also found in fruits and whole grains. But this natural sugar is better, it helps to concentrate and the brain to think. But eating chocolate or gummy bears now and then is not that bad either.

As part of the project, we all prepared, photographed and ate our favorite breakfast! I made a little video about it, so that your mouth will water!

I personally find this topic very exciting and can't wait to learn more.

Sebastian H. 5b


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