Morning Circle: Importance of early Arrival

Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome all our new children and parents and hope that by now, you had some time to adjust to the new Preschool environment. Some of you may have had difficulties with your children’s emotions during these first days.

As you may have gathered from our monthly schedules, our theme of the month is

Getting to know each other - I am I, You are You, We are we

Our goal while working with this theme is to foster the perception of self and to encourage the development of social competence in your children. This is especially important because of classroom changes at the beginning of the new school year.

Last year's young students are now the older ones within the group constellation and must adapt to their new role. The little ones (usually the 2-3 years old) have to adjust to the new group setting as well.

Circle time is important:

During circle time, your children are welcomed with greetings like “We are glad you are here!” The important aspect is that each child is greeted individually. We sing songs together, look at special events of the day, greet our birthday children, welcome back children who have been absent for a little while, and prepare the children for an exciting day ahead at the Preschool. A positive atmosphere, little surprises, exciting stories, and the children's participation strengthen the ritual of the morning circle.

I do not think I need to mention how important a good start in the morning is for your child. He/she leaves the circle time in a balanced and happy state of mind ready to embrace the rest of the day with more trust and confidence. The children also feel they are taken seriously and are empowered because of their right to self-determination. The children learn to trust each other. Social behavior is developed during circle time as well: listening, waiting, contributing, and having other children be in the forefront at times play key roles in developing, social behavior.

Preschoolers feel their own independence, because the grown-ups do not always determine the contents of circle time. Through this approach, the children's ideas and thereby their imaginations are fostered.

Because of the diverse content and the structure of the circle time, the children are exposed to a wide array of learning opportunities.

  • Sensory perceptions are trained.
  • Cognitive faculties are developed.
  • The imagination is stimulated and creativity is expressed.
  • German vocabulary is expanded.
  • Different instruments are introduced to the children.
  • Music is taught and the musical talent is fostered.
  • Acceptance of each other is developed by reinforcing, that each opinion is heard and is important.
  • The children are introduced to different cultures and their customs.

Have I sparked your curiosity for our circle time? To make sure that your children do not miss one of their most important daily events, please come on time every morning.

In joyful anticipation of all the things we will experience together this Preschool year, I would like to warmly welcome you to our Preschool. If you have any questions, please feel free and do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

Mojdeh Khojasteh

Preschool Principal







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