Box Out Bullying

On Friday, January 26th, 2018 „Box Out Bullying“ came to the GISW. They put on two presentations; one for the SES-2nd grade and one for grades 3-5. Each presentation was about 45 minutes. The event was fun, age appropriate, and interactive. The students reviewed how to define bullying, to differentiate between bulling and conflict, and to understand the difference between tattling and reporting. Furthermore, they discussed how to show empathy towards others, how to stand up for themselves and their peers, and to think about their own behavior.

The premise of the show was a mystery box that contains the answers that will solve bullying. Upon discovering that the box is locked, the characters require the audience’s help to open the box by finding the power to “box out bullying”. To do this, the comedic duo used participants from the audience, improvisational comedy, and special effects. The students were delighted by the comedy and it was a great way to reinforce in a fun and memorable manner many of the concepts they had learned in school .

The topic of bullying is regularly discussed with students at the GISW. Some of the ways in which we incorporate lessons to prevent bullying include: class discussions with the homeroom teachers, small group and individual conversations with the counselors, social skills classes in the Elementary School.  Preventing bullying is also a  fixed component of the Social Skills Program in the Upper School. 

The “Box Out Bullying” organizers also provided the Elementary School with a large poster that contains an “anti-bullying pledge” all of our Elementary School students are signing. It is displayed in school as a daily reminder for our students. (see photo)

We look forward to inviting “Box Out Bullying” back to our school in the future. Please take a look at the pictures below from their instructional performance.

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