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Bridges from paper?!

Last week the 7th- 9th graders in the STEM course conducted an interesting experiment. They were presented with the task to build bridges completely from paper. How do you build such a bridge? How much weight can the bridge hold before it collapses? These were our questions.
Then the day came: multiple teams planned, built, presented and also tested their bridges. The bridge that held the least amount (450g = almost 1lb) was the bridge of the group named “I know where your house is living“.
The bridge of the eighth graders was the strongest. It held a rematkable weight of 12kg (almost 24lbs)! Each group introduced their bridge with a little story. The background story of the winners was pretty cool: the bridge is being used to transport “Döner“ (a famous Turkish Dish). Who knows what the STEM-Team will do next….

by Lois R. (7a)

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