Class of 2018: Commemorative Sculpture

The Class of 2018 is thrilled to announce the completion of an exciting alumni project - the installation of a sculpture commemorating their years at the GISW and also a plaque with the names of all 34 students who graduated that year.  This was entirely funded through money that was left over from their 12A&B joint class account after graduation was paid for, and after other expenses, including a substantial donation to our cherished Coach Barker.

After a long search for sculptors in the DC area, students decided to go with award-winning local sculptor David Therriault, who based his work entirely on input from students.  All of the parts of the sculpture have a special meaning to the students.

This is the first graduating class to leave a plaque on campus with all of their names on it.

Entitled “Die Reise/The Journey,” the sculpture is made up of three panels, one representing childhood, a center panel representing adulthood and a third panel representing the later years. The center panel features a boat motif, which was inspired by a well-known saying of one of their teachers, Frau Fricke, (Alle ins Boot holen) or “get everyone into the same boat.”  It was designed to also look like mountain peaks for all of the struggles they will overcome in their lives. The lines that cross through all three panels depict waves or winds that take the students around the world on their different journeys, united by their time together as students at the GISW. The back of the sculpture is a series of tiny steps, referring to the many steps students take on their way to young adulthood and through life. The sculpture and plaque are located in the GISW sculpture garden near the soccer field.

Many thanks to Class of 2018 alums Johannes Schmidt, Annika Blaufuß and Max O’Neill for organizing this project, as well as the support of the school staff and community.

The class of 2018 as well as other alumni came to the GISW campus to see the sculpture as they visited the area over Christmas break.

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