Plan A

MONDAY NOV 28, 2022:

There is a Power Outage today, therefore our school is running on Plan A today.

  • All classes are cancelled.
  • All evening events are cancelled.
  • The lunch menu of the cafeteria may change for the remainder of this week. You will see the current menu on our website once school reopens.

Nachdem es einen Stromausfall gibt, gilt heute an unserer Schule Plan A.

  • Der Unterricht fällt vollständig aus.
  • Es finden keine Abendveranstaltungen statt.
  • Bei unvorhergesehenem Unterrichtsausfall ändert sich meistens der Speiseplan der Cafeteria für den Rest der Woche. Den aktuellen Speiseplan finden Sie auf unserer Website, wenn die Schule wieder geöffnet ist.



CLIMATE CONCERNS US ALL! –  First GISW Information and Discussion Forum

On Valentine’s Day February 14th 2020 our FuF group (#FuFforfuture) organized the first GISW information and discussion forum for students of grades 7 through 9 about the current environmental problems . Our goal was to wake people up to the dire reality of climate change and how we can reverse it. The program, moderated by Yola E. (7A), was divided into four major topics: climate change, environmental pollution, destruction of rainforests and ecosystems, and what we can do to stop global warming. Each topic was introduced by a short explanation in the form of a video, slide show, etc. During the session “environmental pollution” four students from the elementary school showed the students of the upper school the correct use of the gray, green and blue recycle bin. This was followed with debates by the experts. Questions, such as “How long will the earth be habitable if nothing is done about climate change?” or “How fast can climate change be stopped?”, were collected from students in advance. Experts who were included in the debate were Hannah O. (11A), Damian M. (12A), Sophie H. (7A), Charlotte F. (7A), Luciana M. (7B) along with Mr. Endenich, Mr. Jessen-Klingenberg, and Mr. Seesing (as member of the extended leadership team). During the debate the questions were debated with great expertise. Ferdinand R. (12A) did an amazing job as chairman of the debate and led the discussion professionally and effectively. He also enriched the discussion with his well-founded knowledge on every topic. 

We would also like to thank Luciana Miranda, for helping to organize the debate. She is subsequently organizing weekly challenges that help you to do your part in protecting the environment. It is our duty to become active and not ruin the future of the next generations. Please, make an effort to participate! We would also like to thank Dr. Ellenrieder for making all of this possible and creating the #FuFforfuture course.

At the end of the information and discussion event, we announced the winners of our competition: Climate Concerns Us All!, that we organized at the end of last year. First our thanks to all those who participated: we received so many beautiful posters. The winners of the competition are:

First place: Luciana M. (7B) – Spiegelung der Zukunft (Reflection Of The Future; see picture)

Second place: Johanna v.N. (8A) – A Small Poem I Would Like To Share

Third place: Lina O. (6A) – Where Did My Home Go? (see picture)

Please, remember climate affects us all!

by Sophie H., Charlotte F. & Yola E. (all 7A)

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