Commemorative brick unveilung for two of our graduates

As the 2020/21 school year ended, we said farewell to two of our beloved GISW member families who will be departing the school this summer and leaving behind a rich legacy of service.  

The Sheldon family has been a member of the German School Society since 2003 with all seven of the children (Katharina, Isabella, Theresa, Sophia, Benjamin, Michael, and Samuel) having attended the school and three oldest have graduated from GISW with the Abitur. Over the years, Birgit and Christopher Sheldon have spent countless hours volunteering on behalf of our students and school.  They have lent both their time and expertise to further GISW’s mission, serving as members the FRIENDS, the parents’ council and the Board of Directors of the German School Society.








The Sandbrink-Jappe Family has been an actively engaged and dedicated member of the German School Society since many years. Laura and Friedhelm are the proud parents of four children (Kai, Andrea, Teresa, and Sebastian) who have all studied at our school. Their youngest son, Sebastian, is a “Lifer” Griffin (with one year hiatus at an American high school) and graduated with the Abitur this year.



The Sheldon and Sandbrink-Jappe families both opted to leave behind an engraved GISW commemorative pathway brick to honor their 2021 graduates (Sebastian Sandbrink and Theresa Sheldon) and to celebrate their time at our school.  We will always remember the myriad ways in which these two families have enriched our community and wish them well as they embark on the next chapter of their lives. Please stay in touch with our GISW!

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