Don't Do Drugs

Inspired by their Biology class unit about drugs and their impact on the brain as well as drug addiction prevention, students of the 8th grade wanted to know more about the topic and invited Mr. Minh Dang of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) to give a lecture on Friday, May 24th, 2019.

He showed us impressive slides that illustrated the negative effects drugs can have on physical and mental health. In addition, he explained the processes of the drug making business. We saw images of the different ingredients that are combined to make the drugs and the danger of mixing hazardous liquids and objects such as glass or rubbish into drugs in pill or tablet form. Afterwards Mr. Dang provided us a quick 'show & tell' of a few gadgets used at his work such as gas masks and a filtering device. And of course, he gave us the most important message of the presentation: Don’t take drugs, kids!

Afterwards we had a picnic with Mr. Dang and were able to ask him further questions to discuss the information we had received.

A big thanks to Mr. Dang on his lecture! We enjoyed it very much and learned a lot!

By Sarah Julia D. and Maya Dang K. (class 8a)

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