Get Eggcited About Science!

Easter Fun with Exciting "Eggsperiments" in the Elementary School’s Science Kids Club

Just before Easter, the elementary school's research groups really got rolling - because everything revolved around eggs! During their workshops, using eggs, they experienced impressive scientific phenomena.


The experiments ranged from floating an egg in water to growing colorful crystal Easter eggs to discovering surprises about the stability of eggs. For example, would you have thought that it is almost impossible to crush a raw egg between your thumb and forefinger? The children were amazed to learn that eggs are very stable due to their domed shape, that you could stand or even walk on them!

They were also delighted by the looks of a "bouncy egg": a raw egg, when soaked in vinegar, lost its shell after a few days and became an elastic, almost transparent bouncy ball - quite the opposite of another experiment: the second egg, which had been treated with toothpaste before its soaking in vinegar, remained intact and demonstrated impressively the great protective value of toothbrushing! For many little researchers one of the highlights of the Easter activities was the "bubbling egg": the reaction of baking soda with vinegar and color was used to decorate Easter eggs with spectacular effects in a very "scientific" way.

In addition to chemical experiments, the program also nurtured the technical and problem-solving skills of the students. They built an Easter egg throwing machine and came up with creative ideas such as using a parachute to protect an egg so that it doesn’t break even when dropped from a considerable height.


The little explorers were thrilled with the experience they gained with the Eggsperiments. They playfully immersed themselves in the world of science & technology while learning the importance of testing, experimenting and documenting their work. Eggcellent!


Dr. Marika Haider
(Science teacher)

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