Elementary School: Guiding Principle Competition

Every school year, our Elementary School students in 3rd and 4th grade elect class representatives. The students of each homeroom elect two of their peers to take on a leadership role within their class.

The elected students represent their class in regular meetings with the School Principal and the Counselor. They discuss topics that are important to the students or matters related to their homeroom and they work on special school projects.

Every year, the Elementary School Principal and the Counselor pick a topic of interest or a special project that the class representatives assist with. This year’s topic is the GISW's Guiding Principles: Independent. Bilingual. Weltoffen.

Our Guiding Principles are posted in every classroom and are prominently displayed on our school spirit wear and agenda books. The Elementary School has set out to ensure that all students understand what these three words mean, how they bring the school forward and that the students should to live by them every day.

In their first meeting, Ms. Scholl, Ms. Schweitzer and the class representatives discussed what our Guiding Principles “Independent. Bilingual. Weltoffen.” actually mean, how they apply to our daily school life and how Elementary School students can incorporate them in their day. It was decided that a contest would be a great way to get everyone excited about our Guiding Principles!

The class representatives introduced the Guiding Principles as well as the idea of the contest in their homeroom: Every student should choose one of the Principles. The 1st and 2nd Grade students drew a picture and the 3rd and 4th Grade students wrote about what their favorite Principle means and how it could be applied in the Elementary School.

Mrs. Scholl and Ms. Schweitzer then had the difficult task of choosing a winning picture and a winning text for each Guiding Principle. There were so many great contest entries that the judges ended up choosing more winners than originally planned (11 in total!). The winners were awarded prizes and were able to show their classmates what they had drawn, or read aloud what they had written. Their work will be displayed in the Elementary School.

Congratulations to:

Joris K.1a
Maya Th. 1b
Ida E. 2a
Ana Isabel L. 2b
Corinne R. 3a
Katja N. 3b
Frederik J.-K. 4a
Davey R. 4a
Isabella H. 4a
Lourdes (Luli) Ramirez B. 4a
Lukas A. 4b

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