Elementary School: New Lunch Break Schedule

On  Tuesday, October 4th 2016, we implemented a new plan at the Elementary School for the lunch break and recess that takes place from 11.25am – 12:00pm. Grades SES-4 usually all eat at the same time and play outside following lunch. We have decided to divide the aforementioned time period up so that the SEL and 1st grades eat first, while grades 2-4 are playing outside. Starting at 11:40am the groups then switch so that the SEL and 1st grades go to recess while the remaining grades eat. By making this change, we hope to improve several factors: The students will have a shorter waiting  line in the cafeteria and are thus able to start eating sooner, they will have a quieter environment to eat in, and their recess outside is less crowded. We will evaluate this change in early November at the Elementary School Staff Meeting and will make adjustments as necessary. We are optimistic that this change will be well received by students, parents, and staff alike!

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