Elementary School Playground

The Elementary School will organize a playground supervisor who will work together with a parent volunteer to supervise the playground. When no parent volunteer is available the playground will be closed to all families.  Parents who would like to volunteer for afternoon supervision on the playground will be able to sign up online (Instructions will follow).

Starting at 4:00pm the grounds will be used exclusively by the Extended Care program. Approximately 35 students are usually registered for this program that runs from 3:10pm – 4:45pm. On Early Dismissal days, when there is no afternoon program, the playground will be closed to families because the Extended Care Program begins at 1:30pm.

All students and parents will receive a waiver that needs to be signed in case they want to use the playground in the afternoon during the school year. This ensures that the rules that apply during the school day will also be followed in the afternoon.

Since working together with parents is always a priority for us and we like to accommodate your suggestions we hope that these steps, which are taken in accordance with our school policy, guarantee that every school day ends on a positive note.

Best regards,

Monika Rodrigues

Elementary School Principal



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