Experiments permitted again!

Preschool visits "The Little Experimental Workshop" of the upper school

After a long (forced) break it was finally that time again - the " The Little Experimental Workshop " a cooperation between the upper school and the preschool as part of the GISW MINT program opened its doors again.

Students of the 5th and 6th grades prepared with great enthusiasm small experiments for future SEL children of the Frog, Ladybug and Seahorse group in the 1st FuF module of “Field Biology” („Big and Small experiment together"). Together with the FuFies, our little guests played banana piano, marveled at a lava lamp and learned to float a candle. At the end, the children were allowed to take home their self-made soap bubbles. As the following pictures show, small and big (also grown-ups) had a lot of fun experimenting and even “writing protocols”.

Schwimmende Kerze




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