Experiments Permitted!

Preschool visits "The Little Experimental Workshop" of the Upper School

Fifth- and sixth-graders who signed up for the third FUF-module “field biology” came up with a special idea. With great enthusiasm they selected and prepared small experiments for preschoolers. The preschool students of the Frog, the Ladybug and the Seahorse groups were invited to the “Big School” where they performed these hands-on activities under the professional guidance of the “FuFies”; a self-made light bulb a piano made of real bananas, a swimming candle and a lava lamp, all of which fascinated the preschoolers. Finally, the children mixed an interesting solution for soap bubbles to take back to the preschool.

The children’s visit to the science building was a fun-filled experience for the preschoolers and the “FuFies” alike.

exp1 ex2

Experiment: Floating candle

The banana piano works!


Creation of a lava lamp

Logging results

ex5 ex6

Discussion about constructing a light bulb

Creating soap bubbles the scientific way

Collaboration between the preschool and the high school sparks interest in the sciences (STEM) among our youngest students.

by Lara Agbro (Preschool Teacher) and Dr. Anja-Daniela Ellenrieder (Upper School Teacher)


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