Farewells in the Elementary School

Dear School community,

Sadly, the Elementary School faculty has to bid farewell to Dr. Andrew Brown, Mr. Frank Weinhardt, Mrs. Sabine Gleitz-Schellkopf, and Mrs. Cordula Schmid-Waβmuth.

Dr. Andrew Brown has worked at the Elementary School since 2004. Aside from his great commitment and success at the DSW in his capacity as a music teacher, Dr. Brown was also fully engaged in our school’s daily life. Dr. Brown lent his musical talent  to many of our school’s celebrations and events, contributing to everyone’s good spirits and entertainment. He was an important pillar at the German School and we will miss his warm-hearted, courteous, funny, and honest demeanor.

All of us at the Elementary School wish Dr. Brown much joy and success in his second career as an instrument maker!

Mr. Frank Weinhardt has worked at the Elementary School as a sports- and swim teacher since 2011. Many of our students and classes have received awards from him to mark their athletic achievements. Thanks to his swimming instruction, many of our students received the “Seepferdchen” badge in swimming. When November comes, we will miss his voice at our Martinsfest. Furthermore, Mr. Weinhardt coordinated the afternoon program at the Elementary School with great success. His kind, humorous Northern German demeanor will be greatly missed among the faculty.

We wish Mr. Weinhardt and his wife all the best for the future!

Mrs. Sabine Gleitz-Schellkopf has been working at the DSW since 2006. She was in charge of the Extended Care Program of the Preschool from 2006-2010. After that, she developed and implemented the Extended Care Program for the entire DSW.

Mrs. Gleitz-Schellkopf loves to bake and cook and shared that love with our students twice a week in an afternoon cooking program. She also led afternoon programs like the student newspaper, homework groups, woodworking, gymnastics, and many others. She was highly esteemed by students and parents alike and was also greatly valued by her colleagues.

We wish Mrs. Gleitz-Schellkopf and her husband, as well as their three cats, much happiness for their future in Germany.

Mrs. Schmid-Waßmuth has worked at the DSW since 2014. She was first employed as a  teacher for religious education and as an assistant teacher in the SEL. Since 2016 she led the “Igel” group in the SEL. Students as well as parents valued her patience and care for her group. ‘Inclusion’ is not just a buzzword for her,  it’s part of life. Mrs. Schmid-Waβmuth will work as a minister in United Church in Washington, D.C. We wish her much success and happiness in her new position!

The teachers at the Elementary School will miss these four colleagues dearly and will certainly think of them often!

Monika Rodrigues, Elementary School Principal and faculty

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