February 5 Steering Committee Meeting

The policy for surveys at the GISW was unanimously approved during the Steering Committee’s meeting on February 5, 2020. The key message of the Survey Policy reads that surveys at the GISW should be conducted by the survey group, if possible. It is very important that surveys be conducted in a respectful manner and the results be presented in a timely fashion. The Survey Group is made up of members of all stakeholders and departments of the GISW, even parents and students. The policy guidelines were discussed by the Board of Directors and the Extended Leadership team prior to their approval at the All Faculty meeting on February 10, 2020.

Apart from this, we have prepared the 360° Survey and the survey regarding the Cafeteria menu that are to be conducted between March 6 and March 22, 2020. Another topic covered during this latest Committee meeting dealt with the programs for German Language Development that are currently in effect or being developed at the GISW. Reports on this topic were given by the DaZ (German as a Foreign language) coordinators Katharina Jessen-Klingenberg (Upper School) and Monique Illig (Elementary School) as well as the DFU (German Language Instruction) representatives of the Elementary School, Petra Eibner and Nadine Morrison. Raphael Endenich reported on the development of the Method guidelines.


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