Field Trip to the Maryland Science Center

While we were at the Maryland Science Center in December 2017, we did a lot of different things. My favorite thing was when we went to the first floor, where we learned about electricity. The floor was called Newton’s Alley, and there were many different things on it. One of the attractions there was a giant bowl-shaped object that had steam coming out of it. There was also a very big transparent tube with water in it and if you pressed a button on the stand the tube was on, it would release air into the tube and make it look like a tornado. Another attraction was a bicycle-shaped thing with a brown, metal box in front of it. The box had three lights on it, one was red, one was blue, and the other one was green. When you rode on the bicycle, depending on the speed you were going, electricity would generate and the lights would turn on.

Next we moved on to another floor called “Dinosaur Mysteries”, where we learned about dinosaurs. There was an area where you could pick up goggles, a regular brush and a thin brush. With those tools you could dig up dinosaur fossils. There were also computers where you could design your own dinosaur. At the end, there was a display case with two models of dinosaur eggs and two giant statues of dinosaurs. 

After that we went to another floor where we learned about how our bodies work and what’s inside them. The most exciting thing about that floor was an ordinary looking table. But when you laid on it and someone pressed a button attached to the table, you would be lifted by a bunch of real nails. The tops of the nails were rounded out.

I can recommend that museum to everyone!

Emilia P., 4a

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