Field trip to the Washington National Opera

In January 2018, the fiber arts group for 5th and 6th grade visited the costume studio of the Washington National Opera.  

The workers were preparing for the operas Don Carlo and The Little Prince. In the costume craft room, they create the armor, masks, hats, and more out of natural, high end materials. The costumes give life to the character, show you who the character is, and underline what is happening on stage.  There were large fitting rooms to change in and to see all the singers together. It was interesting to learn that some female roles are often played by men such as the witch in Hansel and Gretel. We saw big walls of shoes, fabrics, trim, patterns, jewelry etc. At the end of our field trip they allowed us to try on some costumes. The most impressive thing to me was the amount of costumes and walls of shoes, fabric etc., and that we could try some costumes on. It was a lot of fun.

Written by Caroline E. , 5b

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