First Steering Committee Meeting this School Year 2019/20

On 2 October 2019, the first Steering Comittee meeting of the current school year took place, in which mainly formalities and organizational aspects of the following updated development priorities were discussed:

  • Strengthening the school community
  • Media-supported teaching
  • Update of the student support concept

In addition, the Steering Committee is planning a so-called "large survey" in March 2020, in which the entire school community will be polled. Subjects or areas to be evaluated may be submitted to the Steering Committee management through the committees and departments by mid-November.

For their many years of participation, we would like to thank the outgoing members of the Steering Committee Karen Dietrich (Board), Cordi Everett (SEBR), Yasmin Haddad (SMV), Pia Rashid (Preschool), Monika Rodrigues (ES), Dagmar Tawil (Board). Former Primary School Head Monika Rodrigues headed the project group "Strengthening School Identity/ Developing a Mission Statement", Pia Rashid led the survey group, Karen Dietrich and Dagmar Tawil were both in the Steering Committee and the survey group. As new members we welcome Erik Beck (Board), Dunja Baker (ES), Patrick Mc Nulty (Board), Natalie Pohlmann (SMV), Melanie Schneider (SEBR) and Martina Voss (Preschool).

> Here is an illustrated overview of the many GISW branding initiatives that came out of the group "Strengthening the School Identity": GISW BRANDING INITIATIVES


School year 2019/20: Members of the Steering Committee


1st. Representative

2nd. Representative

Elemetary School

B. Scholl

D. Baker


S. Grünberg-Kelly

M. Voss

Parents' Council (SEBR)

S. Velasco

M. Schneider

Students' Council (SMV)

F. Rother

N. Pohlmann


B. Mahious


Board of Directors

E. Beck

P. McNulty

Head of School

P. Palenzatis


Coordinator of the Steering Committee

G. Müller


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