Food Donations for Children's Inn

Dear Parents and Students of the Elementary School,

Our food drive for the Children’s Inn was another big success! Thanks to your generous donations we received a large quantity of food donations. Because of the rain, we had to move the annual chain of kids indoors. The students of grades 1-4 handed the food items from hand to hand in two long lines that went through the Elementary School building to the exit door. At the end of the line the donations were put into large boxes and bags and loaded into a car that took everything to the NIH. All participating students were very motivated and enthusiastic. It was a joy to see everyone collaborating and working together for such a great cause at the start of this holiday season.

The food items were received at the Children’s Inn with much appreciation and gratitude. The staff was impressed with the amount of items our students and parents had donated. The organization was also very thrilled with the „Happy Thanksgiving“ card that was crafted by our students with care and dedication.

A big thank you to all parents who donated countless food items and to all students and teachers who contributed to this success! If you would like to further support the Children’s Inn, please follow this link to their Amazon wishlist:

The items you purchase there, will be delivered directly to the Children’s Inn.

We hope that you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration last week. On behalf of the Elementary School, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!


Ulrike Schweitzer

Elementary School Counselor

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