Four Legged visitors at the 6B

"Dog, cat, mouse ..." - pets are currently the focus of NaWi class in 6th grade. Above all, we dealt intensively with man's oldest and favorite pet, the dog, and found out "How much wolf is actually still in the dog?" and "Why a dog can run much faster than a person?".

Shortly before the Easter holidays, class 6B had four-legged visitors. No - not the Easter Bunny, but three great dogs. Bella, an Appenzell Mountain dog, Sparky, a mixed breed of Border Collie and Old German Herding dog, and Fritzi, a mixed breed of Schnauzer and Poodle made sure that theory became practice. We got the opportunity to watch dogs running, playing and training in order to learn more about the four-legged friends.

A big thank you to the parents who, with Bella, ... and Fritzi, made it possible to have a great change in everyday school life. We definitely had a lot of fun!

Sophia & the 6B

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