FuFies - new volunteers in the GISW Cafeteria

Since May 7, 2018 students of the 5th and 6th grades were seen in kitchen clothes (apron, hairnet) in the cafeteria of the German International School Washington D.C.. Their mission - to look behind the scenes of the school cafeteria and learn about balanced nutrition and preparation of food on a large scale.

During the 4th FuF module "Natural Scientists" (Förder- und Forderunterricht) 5th and 6th graders learn about nutrition. Therefore, the composition of the food as well as the determination of different nutrients play an important role. The highlight of this FuF module, however, is visiting Ms. Köhler and her team at the GISW cafeteria. The young volunteers help in small groups for four periods to prepare the lunch and then serve it to the students. Of course, Ms. Köhler as an expert on nutrition is assisting the FuFies in all matters. The students benefit from her extensive knowledge and many years of experience as a chef of the cafeteria, and hopefully will be fired up by her enthusiasm for healthy eating.

How the 5th and 6th graders liked their visit at the cafeteria is reflected in the following comments.

A heart-felt thank-you to Mrs. Köhler and her team, without whom this project would not have been possible!

Anja-Daniela Ellenrieder

Course Instructor

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