GER Business Award: Etheral Design

Every year, the tenth graders at our school are challenged in a competition, where they work in small groups to develop a unique new business idea, to write a business plan and to present their proposal to representatives of the German Executive Roundtables (GER). Our business idea was a room design website/app, on which our customers are able to provide their own room dimensions and decorate them virtually however they desire. The furniture items are virtual versions of furniture from existing stores which the customer is able to purchase directly through our website. The customer is also able to find inspirationfrom pictures that other users have posted on our website. For this service we would charge a simple commission of 10% on the total value of the order.

The business project was definitely a very helpful experience, which we greatly appreciate. Although we were very stressed at times and there were moments when we wanted to give up, but in the end, everything was worth the effort, because we are very proud of our final product.

The highlight of the project was our presentation at the Austrian Embassy. In retrospect, we would advise this year's tenth-graders and all following groups to start early enough and use the given time to work.

Demetrius D., Yasmin H., Benjamin H., und Elsa K.,

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