GER Business Awards 2022

Our GISW tenth graders truly impressed us when they presented their well outstanding business plans to a panel of six members of the German Executive Roundtable (GER). The German entrepreneurs asked some difficult follow-up questions to which our students* responded very competently and professionally.

All teams did an excellent job developing innovative business ideas, investigating the feasibility of their product ideas, researching the competition, doing SWOT analyses and financial projections.

The top three business ideas were awarded cash prizes by the GER. Our congratulations go to:

1st place: "SAVIES" by Bettina, Sophie, Nikita and Emilia

2nd place: "RESKATE" by Richard, Leo L., Charlotte and Emily

3rd place: "CLEAN" by Amélie, Alicia, Leo K., Maxim and Laetitia


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