GISW awarded membership in the German network of STEM schools


German network of STEM schools grows by 24 schools

MINT-EC – The German network of STEM schools encompasses 316 schools that have offer excellent STEM programs to their students. On November 2nd, 2018, at the meeting of the Heads of Schools 23 schools in Germany and one in the US were officially included in the German network of STEM schools. Dr. Mark Hamprecht, Office for Schools & Career Preparation in Hamburg, and Wolfgang Gollub, Chair of the Board of MINT-EC, awarded the official certificate to Marc Aurel  Löckmann, our Deputy Head of School and our MINT-EC Coordinator Dr. Guido Müller.

„Nothing that we utilize in our daily lives would be possible without science or without people who follow their dreams with courage, curiosity and a sense for research.  That’s why I am so delighted that we can add 24 schools to our network of STEM schools today. These school show an excellent STEM profile. They challenge their students to work at the highest levels and the broadest spectrum, they offer opportunities for hands-on experimentations and research and they work in cooperation with local businesses and scientific institutions.  STEM schools in the MINT-ED network are light houses for school development in general. We could and should all push further for a positive change in perception of all STEM subjects.” Says Dr. Mark Hamprecht at the ceremony.

Schools in the MINT-EC network have access to a large offering of professional development and special programs for students, teachers and principals. MINT-EC also supports collaborations of STEM schools with each other and with outside organizations and scientific institutions.

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