On September 26th, 2018, during the weekly lecture series, students from grade 9 to 12 heard the terrific news: We became a STEM/MINT-EC – School!

What does that mean?

Admission to the renowned German MINT-EC-network not only testifies to the excellent quality of teaching in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology, but also opens a variety of opportunities for students to reach proficiency in STEM.

By participating in MINT-EC camps in Germany, as well as partnerships with external educational institutions, innovative extracurricular STEM coursework and exciting STEM competitions, students gain relevant, real-world, hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology while building a personal STEM profile. The MINT-EC student platform helps to set up a high profile network and supports students who plan to study in Germany. Students who demonstrate proficiency in STEM-subjects, complete an independent science research project and document STEM-activities over the school career starting in grade 5 can earn a recognized MINT-EC certificate at the end of grade 12.

"I think it's great that the MINT program is being offered at the GISW, and it certainly will look good on a student’s application to a university," explained tenth-grader Lani McC.  after the event. New enrollments for the STEM-AG’s “Science for Experts” and “Neuroscience” under the direction of Dr. Müller and Ms. Colopy illustrate the positive response to this challenge.

The first competition is also already in sight: Three student groups will submit their 3minute Videos on a STEM topic to the British Counsel MINT-EC SchoolSlam.

Let’s do it!

Steffi Colopy


Dr. Müller presents new STEM opportunities to student body.
All STEM/MINT activities are documented starting in grade 5.
The prestigious MINT-EC certificate can be awarded along with the Abitur.

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