GISW officially recognized as a MINT-EC School

The German International School Washington D.C. (GISW) has been officially recognized as a MINT-EC School, joining a prestigious network of 316 secondary schools (Grades 5-12) in Germany that are noted for their superior STEM offerings and achievements.  GISW is the first school in the U.S., and the first school outside of Europe, to be awarded the MINT-EC School designation.

MINT (Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften und Technik) is the German equivalent of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), and, in Germany, educational institutions must receive official approval to be considered a MINT school. Gaining membership to the MINT-EC network takes this process one step further, requiring a competitive application process and ongoing evidence of a high-quality STEM program.

“We are thrilled to be recognized as a MINT-EC School,” said Mrs. Petra Palenzatis, Head of School. “Students that come to GISW have always benefitted from our outstanding STEM curricula across all divisions, from preschool through Grade 12. Our participation in all that the MINT-EC network has to offer will benefit students and teachers in new and exciting ways.”

Membership allows for students to attend coveted MINT-EC camps at universities and research facilities across Germany. The camp participation fees are covered by the MINT-EC network, providing opportunities for students in Grades 9-12 to gain additional knowledge, collaborate with students from other MINT-EC schools, and discover all that STEM careers have to offer.

In addition, students can qualify to receive a MINT-EC Certificate upon graduation. Beginning in fifth grade, by participating in MINT-EC camps, challenging themselves in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics competitions, joining extracurricular courses and activities, and completing optional research papers, students track their participation and activities and can apply for the MINT-EC Certificate in Grade 12. The MINT-EC Certificate is highly regarded by universities and colleges during the admission process.

“The MINT-EC Network opportunities are tremendous and offer our students the chance to really explore all that STEM subjects have to offer,” added Dr. Guido Mueller, faculty member and MINT-EC Coordinator. “It also provides a wealth of teaching resources, collaboration possibilities and professional development programs for our faculty. We are extremely excited about the possibilities this creates to continue to enhance STEM teaching and learning at GISW.”

The German International School Washington D.C. is one of 140 official German Schools abroad. The school is accredited by the German Ministry of Education and approved by the Maryland Department of Education. GISW graduates receive the German International Abitur as well as a US High School Diploma.

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