Grades SEL through 5: Box Out Bullying

On Friday, January 26th, 2018 Box Out Bullying“ will come to the GISW! They will put on two presentations; one for the SEL-2nd grade and one for grades 3-5. Each presentation will be about 45 minutes long. The presentations will be conducted “assembly style” (age appropriate, interactive performances). The highlights will include:

- defining bullying,

- differentiating between bulling and conflict,

- and understanding the difference between tattling and reporting.

The students will also learn how to show empathy towards others, how to stand up for themselves and their peers, and to think about their own behavior. The topic of bullying is also addressed preventatively at the GISW as part of our daily school life: class discussions with the homeroom teachers, small group and individual conversations with the counselors, social skills classes in the Elementary School, and as a fixed component of the Social Skills Program in the Upper School. Before the presentations take place, the counselors will be visiting all the participating classes to prepare them for the assembly. Box Out Bullying will also provide us with learning units that our class teachers can use as lessons after the assemblies to repeat and practice the information presented. We look forward to sending you more information and pictures from the assemblies in a Wednesday Mail after the event!

Should you have  questions, please contact our counselors:

Ulrike Schweitzer
Elementary School Counselor

Klara Fabina
Counselor for grades 5 through 12


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