Handmade Crafts & Advent Wreath Crafting

Handmade Crafts

The Christmas Market will be here soon! If you’ve been crafting or creating your way through the pandemic and find yourself with a plethora of finished handmade items, please consider donating them to the Friends or selling them through our online marketplace for the benefit of our school. Please contact Friends at friends@giswashington.org for information to be a personal vendor. Please contact the Arts&Crafts group at artsandcraftsfriends@gmail.com to donate your handmade items.

Advent Wreath Crafting

While the Arts&Crafts group is busily creating items to sell, we would greatly appreciate any help from our community. As usual, we will need many volunteers to assemble Advent wreaths the week before and after Thanksgiving break. Next week, look for the link to the signup sheet. We know everyone’s schedules are more constrained, but we would love to be able to continue this tradition this year even if it’s limited. Please consider donating your time for our school! The Arts&Crafts group will continue meeting Wednesdays from 8:30 to noon in room 101 of the science building.

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