1 year MINT-EC School – a review

The German International School Washington D.C. (GISW) has been recognized for its outstanding achievements in STEM/MINT. As of November 2018, it is a member of the German network of excellent MINT-EC  Schools. The GISW became the first MINT-EC school in the U.S. and the first non-European school in the network.


The first GISW student to receive a MINT-EC Certificate is Benjamin H.. This prestigious award certifies excellent achievements in the STEM subjects, writing a successful extracurricular paper on a scientific topic and continuous engagement in STEM activities such as STEM/MINT camps, competitions in math, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, participation in extracurricular courses.

As part of the GISW AIR-SPACE-Initiative, Benjamin developed a payload box for an air balloon completely printable with a 3D printer and wrote a scientific paper decribing the project.

Along with the German International Abitur and the US High School Diploma, this certificate will be awarded at the end of the 12th grade to eligible students. It is regarded to be of significant advantage when applying to universities.

Benjamin H. receives his “Abitur” and the very first MINT – Certification awarded at the GISW



Sebastian S. (10b) and Ann-July E. (10b) were the first GISW students to attend MINT EC camps in Germany. Sebastian went to the Technical University in Aachen for the camp "Sustainability in Resource Engineering - The Path from Extraction to Recycling". Ann-July participated in a camp about molecular biology in the training laboratory of Bayer AG in Dortmund.

A MINT EC camp is a four to five-day workshop that takes place at universities, colleges or companies in Germany. The cost for these top-class scientific camps, as well as room and board are covered by MINT-EC. 80% of student travel costs are financed by the Hugo and Herta Müller Foundation of GISW.

Ann-July E. and Sebastian S. our first participants at MINT-Camps in Germany

MINT 400

In February, Lea K., Manolo B. and Sebastian P. participated in the MINT 400 Network Conference held annually in Berlin, Germany. Fourhundred students from MINT-EC schools met for two days to participate in exclusive workshops at Berlin’s research institutions and universities and received  career orientation. In addition, our GISW students conducted experiments in the Schoollab of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and in the glass laboratory of the Max Delbrück Center in Berlin-Buch.


Sebastian P., Lea K. und Manolo B. im Februar in Berlin beim Hauptstadtforum


MINT-EC-School Slam

The videos "Lucky Pill" by Ari A, Victoria P., Viktoria S. (Class 12 A/B) and "Time Travel" by Manolo B., Lea K., Alejandra N (Class 11 A/B) were awarded second and third place certificates at the MINT EC School Slam. This competition is organized by MINT-EC and the British Council and requires competitors to create a three-minute video on a scientific topic, that demonstrates skill with the camera, their language abilities and creativity.

School-Slam Participants


- Dr. Guido Müller, Steffi Colopy

MINT/STEM Coordinators



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