2nd Round in the Math-Olympics


On Wednesday before the Thanksgiving Break, 19 of our students from Grades 5 through 12, participated in the second round of the “Math- Olympics” after having qualified from among the 31 students in the first round. From the third period on, the students had to prove their knowledge by writing a four-hour exam, wherein they had to solve demanding mathematical tasks without the assistance of any tools such as calculators. For example, the 7th Grade students had the following assignment:

From the numbers 1 through 9, Jonas has selected three pairs of different numbers, out of which no two are the same. Out of these three numbers, he has formed all three-digit numbers with each of the three digits only occurring once. The sum of all the three-digit numbers is a four-digit number ending in 18. Verify that the four-digit number can unambiguously be determined using the information given, and identify the four-digit number.

FootnoteIn this assignment the decimal system, that is taught in our school (based on the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9) is used.

Do you enjoy mathematical puzzles? The solution to this problem will be published in the next Wednesday Mail.

The results of the competition were sent to Germany for evaluation, and we look forward to announcing the students who will be participating in the 3rd round (which in Germany is equivalent to the qualification for the State round).

We congratulate all who participated in the first two rounds.

The Math Department

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