4th Grade Science Contest

Siena P. and Lana L. are presenting their impressive model.

On the 12th of April 2018 we had a competition, on how to separate salt and drinking water from saltwater, in our subject Natural Sciences (Nawi).

The competition was held in the first two periods, in our science building. Approximately six teams participated in the competition. All the kids presented their ideas. There were posters and models. The jury was made up of four 9th graders, and after the presentations it took them a long time to decide.

I was very amazed about the ideas that my classmates had. Most people had made models of their ideas. However the winning idea was presented with a poster.

Every participant got a badge and pens with invisible ink. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place got a ribbon stating which place they got.

As part of the audience I thought everyone did great and I really enjoyed the presentations!

Lucas E., 4b

Emma I. and Marie K. are holding their excellent presentation.
A captured audience and critical judges
Aa special model by Tim R. and Benjamin S.
An engaged audience.
Carlota P., Carolina K. and Valentina J. developed a model for every household
Florence S. and Josie B. present their „Flo-Jo” model
Today, EVERYONE is a winner!

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