Interview with Ms. Köhler - The „Brown Bag“

The days of the brown bag lunches are finally over, and warm lunches are once again being served in the cafeteria. Nevertheless, we’d like to share an interview we conducted some time ago with Ms. Köhler, the Director of Food Services and Operations in the school cafeteria. Together, we discussed how much work goes into the snack and drink filled brown-bag lunches. We also discussed the health and cost advantages and disadvantages between the brown bag lunches and the warm cafeteria food. Of course we also inquired about the environmental impact of these brown-bag lunches.  We, the # FuF4future AG, acknowledge that individual packaging is necessary for COVID safety reasons. Unfortunately however, this results in a lot of trash which is sometimes found littered around our school campus. With the step by step reopening of the cafeteria, the trash problem has improved, but there is more to be done to stop the littering issue at the GISW.

If you would like to find out more, here is the full interview:

The #FuF4future Team

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