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To all those who love science and tinkering:

The science department under the management of Mrs. S. Kneiske is now offering an afternoon program to all middle and high-schoolers aimed at using some of the school's untouched potential. Prof. Dr. Derrick Lampkin and University of Maryland student, Tyler Boyle, are pairing up with Nearspace at the University of Maryland to make "payloads" that will be attached to high altitude weather balloons and conduct experiments at heights of up to 90000 feet.

Last Wednesday, we met Tyler Boyle, a member of Nearspace, who explained to us in greater detail what we are going to be doing together.  GISW students are going to be developing an experiment they would like to conduct in near space, for example to measure the difference of temperature on earth's surface compared to 90000 feet high. Then with the help of Prof. Dr. Lampkin and the mentoring of Tyler we will build a two to three-pound payload designed to complete the issue we choose to tackle.  Now we will be working with mini computers and other basic sensors in the building process but don't worry: All skills required to finish our box that we do not already have we will learn as the project moves along. When our payload will be completed and tested Nearspace hopes to launch the project in early spring and will provide us with all gathered data. The long-term goal of this program is to develop a miniature satellite that we try to launch into low orbit.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, please come and join us at our next meeting next Thursday during 9th and 10th period in the physics room to discuss experiment ideas, we hope to see you there.

When: Thursdays 9th and 10th 

October, 5th, 2017: Introduction to Arduino Programming (G. Müller)

October, 19th, 2017: Brainstorming payloads and experiments (Prof. Dr. Lampkin)

Where: Physics Room, Science Department

Wolf H., 12A

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